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astronaut galaxy projector
  •  8 Stunning Nebula Effects

  •  Smart Controls

  •  High-Quality Laser Technology

  •  Effortless Timing 

  •  360° Projection

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Give yourself and your kids some time to discover our AstroGuy® Astronaut Galaxy Projector.

Our AstroGuy® Astronaut Galaxy Projector gives off a magnificent effect in any room. It has the ability to project a starry sky onto your ceiling, creating an atmosphere that is not only gorgeous but also relaxing. Watching the stars which are projected onto the ceiling is a great way for kids to unwind before bedtime – you won't need to let your kids count sheep – they'll be drifting off to sleep as they lose themselves in a magical show of lights and shapes

astronaut galaxy projector

Stunning Nebula Effects

Our AstroGuy® Galaxy projector night light features 8 stunning nebula effects accompanied by twinkling green stars. Project it onto the wall or ceiling of your room and it will bring the galaxy for you, creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere

astronaut light projector

Laser light

Laser light is an absolute innovation our AstroGuy® Astronaut Galaxy Projector lighting. This lighting trend opens up completely new horizons in the designand performance projector.

Laser diodes are particularly impressive due to their small size: One laser diode generates an almost punctiform luminous flux on a few thousandths of amillimeter.

astronaut projector


AstroGuy® Astronaut Galaxy Projector appearance design is novel and unique, echoing the starry sky and galaxy theme, and takes you to explore the vast starry sky. The astronaut’s head, which can be rotated 360°with magnetic attraction, allows the nebula to be projected anywhere without restriction. In addition, the astronaut’s lunar base is detachable, the arms can be moved, and various poses can be taken, which is also a good decorative ornament.

astronaut galaxy projector

Great Gift Idea

Our AstroGuy® Star projector is one of the best gifts to learn about the universe, set the mood, and get a good night when sleep.It is not only a galaxy star projector, but also a beautiful decoration a great partner for kids and adults.It's a great gift for kids and families in Christmas ,birthdays, parties, wedding,and any daily days!

astronaut galaxy projector



  • Package

Product: ‎AstroGuy® Astronaut Galaxy Projector 

Nebula color: Multicolor (controllable monochrome)

Input power :100-240V~ 50/60HZ0.5a

Output power :5V/1A

Item Weight: ‎1.39 pounds

Height: 125 mm

Width: 85 mm

USB cable length: 1 m

Style: ‎Modern

Color: ‎White, Black

Material: ‎‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Shade Material: ‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Polyvinyl Chloride

Switch Style: ‎Remote control

Batteries Included?: ‎No

Batteries Required?: ‎No

AstroGuy® Galaxy Projector*1 

Remote control*1

Power cable*1

Manual *1


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How to adjust the light angle?

The Astro light projector's head can be rotated 360° by magnetically connecting, so you can easily adjust the light angle by rotating the head.

Does it work on battery or you need to have it always plugged in ?

It does not have an internal battery, so it needs to be plugged in to a power source to operate. You could use an external battery as a power source if you wanted to.

Would this AstroGuy® galaxy projector be a good night light for kids?

Yes! Kids loves it and it really helps fall asleep faster.

Can the timer be turned off? It to stay on all night.

Yes, if you don't set a timer and simply just power it on, it will remain on untill turned off.

Is there a way to adjust the brightness of the stars?

Yes, you can adjust the pattern, brightness and rotation speed of the nebula through the remote control, as well as the brightness and breathing rate of the stars. Stars or nebula can be used simultaneously or separately

Can the stars be turned off and just display nebula?

Yes! To turn off the stars and display only the nebula, use the included remote control.

Does it play sleep sounds?
No. This function will be in our newer version. 
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astronaut galaxy projector
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Astronaut galaxy projector

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