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OsomHand™ Intelligent Hand Massager
  •  Fits All Hands Size

  •  Smart Controls

  •  Air Compression Technology

  •  Hot Compress

  •  Portable & Wireless

Live Life Free From Constant Hand Pain

This OsomHand™ Intelligent Hand Massager is designed to give you the Comfortable & Efficient Massage. it will provide you with the closest feeling to a Real Hand Massage. Sit back and Enjoy a Good Hand Massage after a long day of work or before going to bed.

Multi-functional and Specially Designed

Do you want to relieve finger numbness and joint pain and relax your hand muscles? Our OsomHand™ Intelligent Hand Massager are Multi-functional and Specially Designed - Air Compression and Hot Compress Massage, taking care of every part of your hands (fingers, joints and wrist) for Pain Relief with Effective Compression Therapy!

Air Compression and Hot Compress Massage

Compression Massage soothes the hands and fingers from the top to the bottom for Relaxing Feeling, it Helps Stimulate the muscles comfortably and effectively helps relieve carpal tunnel and finger tension, ease soreness, tired hands. Optional heat feature, the gentle heating Helps Promote Blood Circulation and ease any swelling on your hands.

Hand Acupressure Points

Doesn't only take your Hand Pain Away but also improve your overall mental & body wellness by pressing specific Hand Acupressure Points.

What is a Hand Pressure Point?

In acupressure, pressure points are thought to be Powerfully Sensitive Parts of the body. That by applying pressure to our body’s pressure points, it can Help Relieve Pain, Establish Balance, and Improve Health throughout the body.

6500 Physical Therapy Patients

Over 6500 Hand Physical Therapy Patients have successfully tried the massage tool and experienced Decreased Arthritis Pain and Faster Recovery after carpal tunnel surgery.

Use It Anywhere, Anytime

Thanks to its portable and lightweight design, OsomHand™ allows you to enjoy a hand massage even while watching TV, working at the office, or traveling!


The perfect gift for a loved one! If you're looking for a great gift that has an innovative, life-enhancing factor, then you'll love our cordless heat massager. The unique sleek design with shiatsu technology that can fit into vibrant home decor or professional office desks. The soft inner cushion ensures 100% comfort, and the tingling sensation is normal during any kind of massage. Charge it once and you can use it for hours without worrying about cords or plugs..



  • Package

Product name: OsomHand™ Intelligent Hand Massager

Weight: 750g

Dimensions: 210x178x104mm

Massaging Intensity: 3 levels of massaging intensity

Power type:lithium battery

Rated Power: 8W

Rated Voltage: DC 5V-1000mA

Battery Capacity: 2200mAh

Charging Time: 1.5-2H

Auto Working Time: 15 Minutes

OsomHand™Hand Massager

1 x USB Type-C Charging Cable

Updated User Manual


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Where to plug the charger?

USB C cable comes with hand massager, you could plug it into a computer or laptop’s USB port or an adapter.

Will this work on my arthritis thumbs?

Yes, dear, it is a press type electric massager. It can help you effectively relieve the discomfort caused by arthritis, but it can't treat your arthritis. If you often use it to massage you, your hand will get some pain relief and make your pain easier

How to use hand massager?

hand massager is easy to operate. The first step is to turn on the power button, the second step is to choose a button suitable for the size of your palm, the third step is to choose the intensity of massage, the fourth step is to choose the intensity of heating.

Does the palm compression from this device improve whole body blood circulation?

It stimulates circulation in the hands which will spread up the arms . The Hand massager would have much effect on the whole body.

Does this work massage the fingers  individually or is it a single pocket?

This is a single pocket massager. Instead of using the traditional rolling technique, the Osomhand air compression massager applies pressure to the hand and wrist to help it relax and soothe the tense muscle.

i am lost the charge cable. What type is it? 

We use a USB-C charging cable for the OsomHand Hand Massager.

Is this product the right size for small hands?
Our OsomHand Hand Massager covers a high range of different hand sizes up to 3.9''.
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